Generic Name : Atazanavir

Uses/Prescribed For : HIV Infection

Side Effects : Rash, Headache, Dizziness, Vomiting, Abdominal Pain, Cough, Diarrhea, High Cholesterol

Composition : Atazanavir

Drug Class (Class of Medications) : N/A

Strength : 300 Mg

Packaging : Bottle/s Packing

Brand Name : Reyataz

Manufacture Name : Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Packaging/Presentation : Capsule/s

Product Code : AGM 1082

Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days



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Atazor 300 Capsule is an antiviral or antiretroviral medicine. It is used in the treatment of HIV infection. It stops the virus from producing new viruses and clears up your infection.

Atazor 300 Capsule should be taken with food, as this increases the absorption of the medicine into the body. You should take it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Taking it at the same time every day will help you to remember to take it. Do not stop taking it until you have finished the complete course, even when you feel better. If you stop taking this medicine too early then infection may return or worsen.

The most common side effects of this medicine include rash, headache, dizziness, and vomiting. These are usually mild but let your doctor know if they bother you or last more than a few days.

Before using it, you should tell your doctor if you are allergic to any antibiotics or have any kidney or liver problems. You should also let your doctor know all other medicines you are taking as they may affect, or be affected by this medicine. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctor before using it. Your doctor may monitor your liver function while taking this medication.




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