Lexi Bonner Footage, Jump Video, Arrested News, Is She Still Alive?

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Lexi Bonner Footage, Jump Video, Arrested News, Is She Still Alive?

Lexi Bonner Footage, Jump Video, Footage, Arrested News, Is She Still Alive?

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, today we are going to tell you all about Lexi Bonner’s viral jump video, and also the details of what happened to her after this viral video.

The video of Lexi Bonner bullying and attacking an eight-year-old boy is spreading rapidly across all social media platforms. On the contrary, most TikTok users have posted videos indicating that they are ready to confront him if they meet him.

Seeing this video, people have become very angry due to which there is a demand to take strictest action against Lexi Bonner, now we are going to tell you in detail about whether Lexi has been arrested or not. Is.

Has Lexi Bonner been arrested?

Has Lexi Bonner been arrested?

Recently it was reported on Reddit that Lexi has been arrested but whether it is true or a rumor has not been revealed yet, because let me tell you all that Lexi is only 14 years old due to which she cannot be arrested. .

Lexi has not been arrested legally, people have spread rumors on the internet. Lexi is 14 years old, she cannot be arrested because she is a teenager.

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Is Lexi Bonner still alive?

Yes, Lexi Bonner is still alive, rumors of her death are being spread on social media.

Sussex Police wrote about this incident on their Facebook account. they wrote,

We have received footage of a girl attacking a young boy on social media. This is a disturbing video that is linked to an open police investigation and we urge people not to share it or publicly name anyone they believe may be involved.

Lexi Bonner Footage

Lexi Bonner Footage
Lexi Bonner Footage

There are many people who are searching Lexi Bonner Footage, Lexi Bonner YouTube Videos on the internet. But let me tell you that this news is being removed from many social media platforms. If you want to watch this video, then we are going to give you the link below with the help of which you will be able to watch this video easily.

Lexi Bonner Jump Video

Let me tell you that there is a lot of controversy regarding Lexi Bonner jump video, we have provided you the link of this video below, you can watch it easily.

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In this article we told you about Lexi Bonner Footage, Jump Video, Footage, Arrested News, Is She Still Alive? We have told you about these and also we have given you complete information about them, hope you liked our information, if you have any problem regarding this then you can easily tell us by commenting, we will try to answer all your questions.


Q1. How did Lexi Bonner attract the eight-year-old boy?

If you have seen the entire video, an eight year old boy was having fun with Lexi, but in such a situation, Lexi killed the child, the video of which was captured by her friend.

Q2. How old is Lexi Bonner?

Lexi Bonner is just 14 years old.

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